Low Round – 70

Swing Speed – 87 MPH

Age – 12

Aspirations – To develop my golf skills and continually chase after my dream of becoming the BEST PLAYER in the WORLD.

Why I Play –  I love to hit bombs, throw darts and make putts from everywhere!!!

Other things I do – I like to skate in the winter and learn to cook & bake in school.


Low Round – 68

Swing Speed – 95 MPH

Age – 18

Aspirations – To become the best golfer in the world.

Why I Play – I play golf because I love the game and want to constantly improve and develop my skills. Golf has taught me many lessons about disipline, sportsmanship, patience and har work.  These lessons have correlated on and off the golf course in my life. My hope is that I can inspire others to achieve their goals and work hard for something they are passionate about.



Low Round – 73

Swing Speed – 93 MPH

Age – 17

Aspirations – To play golf for the rest of my life and win tourneys along the way.

Why I Play – I play because I believe there are so many important life lessons that are taught. Such as commitment, competitiveness, hard work and dedication.

Other things I do – Outside of golf my favorite activities are skiing, volleyball and family. But most importantly my puppy, Kola.


Low Round – 72

Swing Speed –  91 MPH

Age – 16

Aspirations – I would love to play on a friendly and well fit university golf team for myself and get a car or dog.

Why I Play – I love competitions and competing against really good golfers. I also love meeting new people and connecting with family and friends through golf.

Other things I do – Cook/Bake, watch movies, read good books, relax and hangout with family & friends.


Low Round – 74

Swing Speed – 100 MPH

Age – 13

Aspirations – By the end of this year I want to shoot under 70 and want my swing to be like Tiger Woods.

Why I Play –  I enjoy meeting new friends and I like to play tournaments.

Other things I do – Play all the sports I can, including volleyball, hockey, badminton, swimming & squash. I also like to hang out with friends and be out in nature.


Best Round – 74

Swing Speed – 118 MPH

Age – 15

Aspirations – To make to the PGA Tour and win as many tournaments as I can.

Why I Play –  It helps me zone in on the moment and forget about everything other then whats right infront of me – A pure golf shot or sinking a putt!

Other things I do – I like to play basketball.  When I play I lose track of time because I am in the zone and having so much fun.


Low Round – 67

Swing Speed – 85 MPH

Age – 12

Aspirations – to be on the LPGA Tour in 10 years or less!

Why I Play – I realized at 5 that I have the potential to advance in competitions and I love how its more of a mental game.

Other Things I do – Baking, Swimming, Fitness, Play with my dog, Biking, Skiing, Fishing, Camping, Eat out, Cut Wood, Garden, Figure Skating.


Low Round – 71

Swing Speed – 69 MPH

Age – 9

Aspirations – I want to be a PGA Tour player. I want to succeed as a golfer like Tiger Woods and appear on TV.

Why I Play – It makes me exctied to imagine how the ball flys and goes into the hole.  I see it and get exctied in my head then go and do it!

Other things I do – Hockey!!!